Community Outreach

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So what is Community Outreach?

Bree participates in numerous local Houston charity events and outreach programs around the year that benefit our community.
 Designs ranging from murals to canvas pieces; museums to urban street art.  All in an effort to bring beauty to our community and the people who live here.

Cy-Fair Educational Foundation

CFEF "Salute to Our Heroes" 2020 Gala. The speaker this year was Josh Bleill, a marine injured during his service in Iraq. The artwork was purchased by Bob Adam with all proceeds going to CFEF.

Houston Mini Mural

Mini Murals Houston is a project by Up Art Studios to create mini works of art on Houston’s iconic traffic signal boxes. Bree was honored to be chosen as one of the artist. The location of her artwork is Canal @Milby.

Abstract The Price of Liberty

CFEF "Salute to Our Heroes" 2019 Gala. Bree's Live Painting this year is an abstract representation of The Texas War Memorial, "The Price of Liberty." All proceeds were donated to the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation.

Dog House Extravaganza

The 2017 Dog House Extravaganza. Bree worked with a local builder to create and design a custom Dog House that would later be auctioned. All proceeds benefit New Hope Housing of Houston's Affordable Housing project.

2018 CFEF "Salute to Our Heroes"

2018 CFEF "Salute to Our Heroes" Gala. Bree poses with keynote speaker, Salvatore "Sal" Augustine Giunta. This years art piece was purchased by Mac Delaup, the president of John Eagle Honda. All proceeds benefit CFEF.

FullSizeRender (24)

Bree painting for an art event to raise awareness for Bryleigh and her fight against MLD.

Kevin "Dauber" Lacz

Bree poses with former Navy SEAL and American Sniper actor Kevin "Dauber" Lacz following his signing of her artwork at the 2016 "Salute To Our Heroes" CFEF event. All proceeds benefit CFEF.

CFEF Salute To the Stars

Bree was the featured artist at the "Salute to Our Stars" Cypress Fairbanks Educational Foundation Gala in 2016. Her artwork was sold to Carl's BBQ in Cypress, Texas. Proceeds benefited the Cy-Fair Educational Fund.

Cypress Fairbanks Educational

Bree is the featured artist at the Caldwell "Bells of Freedom" Gala honoring our veterans. The event is held to raise funds for Liberty Path, a small nonprofit offering Christian Counseling to those who are unable afford it. Her painting went to Camp Hope. All proceeds benefit Liberty Path.

Oliver North

2015 CFEF "Salute to Our Heroes" Gala with speaker, US Marine Corp Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. Bree was the featured artist for the "live painting" event. Lt. Colonel North signed her artwork prior to the auction. All proceeds benefit CFEF.


Bree's 2017 Cypress Fairbanks Educational Foundation " Salute to Our Heroes" Gala entry. The featured speaker was Kris "Tanto" Paranto, former US Army Ranger and CIA Security Contractor.

Believing for Bryleigh 2018

Bree works with the children at the "Believing for Bryleigh" event to create a canvas backdrop. A hands-on, live event to raise awareness for MLD.

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FullSizeRender (24)

Bree painting for an art event to raise awareness for Bryleigh and her fight against MLD.